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Bolle Anti Fog Kit for Eye Protection

Bolle Airsoft Eyewear

Bolle is a renowned brand that specialises in creating high-quality eyewear suitable for various outdoor activities, including airsoft. Known for their expertise in producing protective goggles and sunglasses, Bolle’s products are crafted with advanced technologies for optimal performance.

We have a superb selection of Bolle safety goggles, including the latest and most popular models. Shop our full range today!

Showing 1–21 of 27 results

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Bolle Safety Glasses for Airsoft

Safety is the number one priority when playing airsoft (alongside having a great time), and our range of Bolle safety glasses is the perfect choice for eye protection.

These airsoft glasses come in various styles and fits, so you can pick whichever one fits your needs and comfort the best. Bolle glasses come in a variety of colours, so you can coordinate them with your other protective equipment or stand out on the airsoft field.

The lenses provide high-level anti-fog, debris and impact protection, keeping your vision clear at all times.

Bolle Glasses, Goggles & Tactical Safety Eyewear

We stock a large selection of Bolle Safety glasses and goggles available online and samples to try on yourself in-store, to see which pair fits you best.

Each model of glasses or goggles has its own design to cater to each player, including a full rubber seal around the eyes for full eye protection, or you can go for a lightweight aluminium or plastic frame which sits close to your face to provide the clearest vision.

As far as protective eyewear for airsoft goes, these are certainly some of the best out there.

Shop Bolle Safety Goggles at Socom Tactical

Shop our full range of Bolle safety glasses and ballistic goggles now. Keep your eyes protected while playing airsoft with the highest quality eye protection available on the market.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Not a problem; get in touch with us, and we’ll see if we can order it in for you.


Can I Wear Prescription Glasses Underneath Airsoft Glasses?

Provided your airsoft goggles are big enough to fit your prescription glasses underneath, then yes, you can wear them both.

Should I Wear Goggles or Glasses for Airsoft?

The main difference between goggles and glasses is the way they fit on your face. Goggles have a full seal around the face, while glasses will be lighter and sit closer to your face, offering less protection but improved visibility. We personally like the protection that goggles offer, but glasses are just as good a choice.

How Do I Stop My Airsoft Glasses From Fogging Up?

An anti-fog spray is the best way to prevent your airsoft glasses from fogging up. Simply spray the lens with anti-fog spray or wipe it over with a microfiber cloth and let it dry before wearing them.

Which Lens Colour is Best for Airsoft Games?

Yellow lenses are the best all-around lens colour for airsoft games since they can be used both day and night. Other lens colours are better suited to particular environments. Clear lenses are suitable for average weather conditions, while smoke or tinted lenses are best used for bright sunny days and outdoor sites.