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JG Works Airsoft

JG / Jing Gong/ JG works is a Hong Kong-based airsoft manufacturer that has produced some of the best budget and starter airsoft weapons available around the world since 2001.

They are known for their famous ‘bomb proof’ G36 rifles and Bar 10 Snipers!


Showing 1–21 of 144 results

Airsoft Assault Rifles

JG SA58 FAL Electric Blowback AEG


Tune up kits and gear sets

JG Complete Version 3 G36 Gearbox


Airsoft Submachine Guns

JG MP5 A4 AEG (Metal Body)


Battery Leads, Connectors, Harnesses & Power Cables

JG AEP Battery Charger Adapter


Airsoft Rails & Rail Kits

JG VSR10 / Bar 10 Scope Mount


Airsoft Assault Rifles

JG SiG SG552 AEG (Gen 2)


Airsoft Submachine Guns

JG P90 with Box Magazine AEG Gen 2


Airsoft Sniper Rifles

Jing Gong AK Dragunov SVD AEG


Airsoft Assault Rifles

JG AK74U Metal Body


Airsoft Assault Rifles

JG JG36E long with Bipod – G608-4


Airsoft Submachine Guns

JG MP5SD with retractable stock


Airsoft Submachine Guns

JG MP5 RIS AEG (Metal Body)


JG Works Airsoft Guns & Accessories

Jing Gong produces an extensive range of airsoft guns and countless airsoft accessories for several different models including the M4/AR platform, AK74, MP5, MP5K, AUG, P90 and more.

JG produce some of the best value high cap magazines on the market which are cross-compatible with other brands like Cyma, Arthurian Airsoft or Valken.

At SOCOM Tactical, we also feel its important to offer commonly lost or consumable parts for airsoft guns, that’s why we stock a huge range of JG airsoft external parts and replacement internal parts as well, at great prices.

JG Works Parts & Upgraded

At SOCOM Tactical, we believe in offering a variety of airsoft products that will enable you to immerse yourself during your next skirmish.

Jing Gong is one of the most popular brands we have in stock for both new and experienced players. One of their most popular models is the G608 G36 AEG series of which they also offer several aftermarket parts including the G36 to M4 stock adapter, G36 to M4 magazine adapter, G36K 20mm rail handguard, G36 selector levers and much, much more.

Another of the most popular products from Jing Gong is the VSR10 and VSR10 GSpec bolt action airsoft sniper rifles. These rifles are commonly used as an affordable platform for building the ultimate upgraded sniper rifles with loads of upgrade parts manufactured by great brands like AirsoftPro and Action Army.

Whatever your favourite platform, Jing Gong probably produces it!

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Not a problem, get in touch with us and we’ll see if we can order it in for you.