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SRC, which is short for Star Rainbow Company, specialises in supplying the toy market within Taiwan. The company started out as a wholesale business but soon transformed into one that produces multiple different airsoft products, including airsoft guns and carry cases, all with high quality at affordable prices!

Today SRC invests lots and lots of time into developing new products. Every single one is assembled (by hand!) and goes through rigorous quality testing before it’s packed up for shipment.


Showing 1–21 of 84 results

Magazine Speed Loaders & Accessories

SRC Revolver Speed Loader


SRC RIFS (Realistic Imitation Firearms)

SRC produce and sell a wide range of RIFS to the airsoft industry – including pistols and rifles such as the SRC M1911 Gas Blowback Pistol and SRC SR4 ST-Alpha M4 AEG.

They even sell period rifles such as the SRC MP40 Blowback AEG.

SRC Airsoft Gun Cases

When not in use, airsoft players need a quality gun case – and SRC produce some of the best!

The SRC 28″ Rifle Hard Case is perfect for storing and transporting your airsoft gun and is a popular choice.

At Socom Tactical, we also stock a range of SRC magazines, gun belts and silencers. Get in touch today for more information!