External Parts for Airsoft Guns

Shop a range of airsoft gun external parts to give you an added edge! We’ve got rails, rail kits, handguards, mounts and adapters to give your gun that extra boost.

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External Airsoft Parts

External airsoft parts improve the look and the effectiveness of your airsoft gun. Whether you’re in the market for a stock, rail or trigger guard, you’ll find it right here.

Here at Socom Tactical, our external airsoft parts are made from high-quality materials that can stand the test of combat. They enable you to modify your gun and stabilise your firing position.

External rails allow you to add laser sights, grenade launchers and flash hiders. This means you carry less but can do more.

Our external airsoft parts can be painted to suit any colour scheme or camo design so that your new parts blend in flawlessly.

Thanks to the modifications you can make with our external parts, you can overcome a range of situations with your trusty airsoft gun.

How To Improve Your Airsoft Gun

Here are a few examples of how external airsoft gun parts can improve effectiveness:

  1. Sights and scopes: Adding sights or scopes to your airsoft gun can help you to better aim and shoot accurately at longer distances.
  2. Barrels and suppressors: Upgrading the barrel of your airsoft gun can improve accuracy and range while adding a suppressor can help to reduce the noise and flash of your gun.
  3. Grips and stocks: Adding grips and stocks can help you to better control and stabilize your airsoft gun, improving accuracy and handling.
  4. Bipods and slings: Adding a bipod or sling can help to reduce fatigue and improve accuracy when shooting for longer periods of time.