Grenade Launcher Moscart Shells

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These moscart shells are designed for use with airsoft grenade launchers, featuring solid construction and an easy-to-load design. If you’re a fan of an intense firefight, these shells will give you the edge you need.

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Showing all 6 results

Grenade Launcher Moscart Shells

ZCI 40mm M203 Moscart CO2/GAS Grenade Cartridge


Grenade Launcher Moscart Shells

Epes Spare seal kit GAS 40mm BB grenades

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Grenade Launcher Moscart Shells

UFC 40mm Gas Moscart (70 Rounds) – 3 Pack

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Grenade Launcher Moscart Shells

SHS 40mm Gas Grenade Moscart (72 Rounds)

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Airsoft Grenade Launcher Shells

Airsoft grenade launchers are serious business, and to get the best from your firearm, you need to make sure you’re using the right shells. That’s why we offer a range of 40mm moscart shells so you can get the maximum effect from your grenade launcher.

Made with solid construction and an easy-to-load design, these shells provide reliable performance in any airsoft battle. 

Whether you’re looking to create an intense firefight or just need to eliminate multiple targets at once, the moscart shells will give you the edge you need.

40mm Gas Moscart Shells

40mm gas moscart shells are powered by airsoft gas or CO2 capsules using a CO2 charger. These shells are perfect for most airsoft grenade launchers, providing strong firing power.

We stock top brands like ZCI, UFC and Cyma – some of the best airsoft grenade shells on the market.

Airsoft Moscart Shell Pyrotechnics

We also offer a range of airsoft grenade pyrotechnics, ideal for adding a real visual effect to your airsoft games. These rounds are designed for use with most 40mm grenade launchers, giving you an even more intense airsoft experience – which can be launched up to 130 metres!

Airsoft grenades are fantastic for making a big impression on the battlefield, and they make for a great secondary weapon. 

Whatever your needs, our range of moscart shells is sure to get you that edge you’re looking for – browse now and find your perfect shells!Order with us today and get free delivery on orders over £100 – Socom is your one-stop-shop for all your airsoft needs!


Most airsoft grenade launcher shells are reusable, provided they’re not damaged. You can refill the tubes from the top of the shell via the fill valve. But always make sure to follow the safety precautions when refilling gas-powered shells.

Most grenade launchers use 40mm moscart shells, which are filled with either airsoft gas or CO2 capsules. We stock a range of 40mm moscart shells for all your airsoft needs.

The M203 grenade launcher uses 40mm moscart shells. We stock the ZCI 40mm M203 Moscart CO2/GasGrenade Cartridge, which is ideal for use with this type of grenade launcher.

While you can leave CO2 in your airsoft gun, it is not recommended to leave it for long periods of time as it can damage your gun. Always make sure to remove CO2 cartridges after each use for safety and optimal performance.