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Grenade Pouches

We’ve got a great range of grenade pouches that’ll make sure your pyros are always within reach during your battle! Choose from smoke grenade pouches, 40mm grenade pouches, and more from top airsoft brands like Tasmanian Tiger and Kombat UK. They’re made with high-quality, tough and durable materials, so they’re brilliant for airsoft and paintballing.

Showing all 4 results

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Molle Mounted Airsoft Grenade Pouches

As part of our extensive tactical pouches range, we stock a variety of grenade pouches that feature molle mounting systems and adjustable sizes to fit your battlefield kit.

We’ve got grenade pouches to carry smoke grenades, flash bangs, and various other pyros to make sure your airsoft or paintball grenades are always within easy reach when you need them most, like if you need to get out of a sticky situation or scheming an ambush. 

They’re also available in various colours to help you remain camouflaged or keep all your kit matching.

Grenade Pouches from Tasmanian Tiger & Kombat UK

Our range includes grenade pouches from two of the best brands in the airsoft tactical gear space – Tasmanian Tiger and Kombat UK. Our customers and our team have tried, tested and highly rated these pyro pouches, so you can be confident they’ll do the job and then some.

One of our favourite pouches is the Kombat UK Elite Grenade Pouch. This grenade pouch accommodates smoke and flash-bang grenades of any size or shape, making it our most versatile option. You can mount this pouch on your standard MOLLE platform using the rear fixings, keeping it secure through your combat. 

The Tasmanian Tiger Double 40mm Grenade Pouch is another top choice, allowing you to store 40mm moscarts or smoke grenades on the battlefield. As double grenade pouches go, the 700D Cordura this pouch is made from offers unparalleled protection to your grenades while sitting securely on your MOLLE platform, giving you extra peace of mind. This pouch is available in 4 colours to match the rest of your kit.

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Grenade pouches are typically made from durable materials like Cordura or nylon to withstand harsh conditions and ensure long-lasting use. Some pouches feature a protective coating for extra resistance against wear and tear.

Yes, all of the grenade pouches in our range are compatible with MOLLE platforms. They feature different fixings like rear fixings and bungee cords for secure mounting. You can find specific mounting compatibility on our individual product pages.

Our grenade pouches are versatile and securely hold various grenades, including smoke grenades and flash bangs.

The capacity depends on the pouch design, with some able to accommodate multiple grenades. For instance, the Tasmanian Tiger Smoke Grenade Pouch holds 1 smoke grenade, whereas the Kombat UK Elite Grenade Pouch fits multiple grenades.

Our grenade pouches are suitable for paintball as well as airsoft. Just make sure your pyrotechnics fit securely inside the pouch and can be fastened up.