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Find a great selection of airsoft nozzle replacements here at Socom Tactical. We have a range of nozzles compatible with various airsoft gun models, so you can easily find the perfect replacement for your gun. Read More

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Airsoft Gun Nozzles

Do you need to replace a cracked, chipped or damaged nozzle in your airsoft gun?

At Socom, we have a superb collection of nozzles that are compatible with a number of gun models – like the Scorpion Evo Series and the Next Generation AEG M4 Series – so you can get your gun back in prime condition before your next skirmish.

Airsoft air nozzles are a really important part of your gun’s makeup, partly responsible for the firing of the BBs.

It works between the gun’s gearbox and the hop-up unit to help load the BB into the hop-up chamber before the gun fires.

If your nozzle is faulty or damaged, then your accuracy won’t be at its best, so getting this part replaced as soon as possible really is crucial for your shooting success.

We have various brands and sizes to choose from at Socom, many of which are universal and designed to fit with a range of airsoft gun models.

If you need any support in choosing your airsoft nozzle, contact our team, who can advise you on the best replacement for your gun.

We also stock double O-ring air nozzles if you want to upgrade your existing nozzle – these work to minimise the air loss between the cylinder and the hop-up unit, resulting in more efficient and accurate shooting.

Whether you need to replace a faulty part or want to upgrade your basic part to elevate your shooting accuracy, find the best airsoft air nozzle for your gun right here. Shop today at Socom!

Check out our full range of replacement airsoft gun parts for everything you need to get your gun back into its best condition.


A nozzle sits between the gearbox and hop-up unit of your gun, helping to load the BBs into the hop-up chamber before the gun fires. It’s responsible for the accuracy and power of the shot.

If your BBs are not shooting out of your gun, there might be a jam in the barrel. Use an unjamming rod to clear the barrel of any possible obstructions. You should also check the condition of the air nozzle and hop-up unit, which could be damaged and in need of replacement.

The air nozzle in an airsoft gun uses compressed air and focuses this air into a stream which propels the BBs out of the barrel. It works alongside the gearbox and hop-up unit to help deliver a powerful and accurate shot.

You’ll have to look at the model of your airsoft gun and select a nozzle that’s compatible and fits into your gun. Many of the airsoft nozzles we stock are universal, so they fit with almost all gun types – but make sure to check the details or feel free to get in touch with our team, who will be more than happy to help you determine the best-suited airsoft nozzle for your gun.