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Our range of Scorpion Evo parts includes everything you need to keep your carbine in top condition. These ASG parts are manufactured with quality materials for maximum durability, compatibility and performance. Stock up today!

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Kit Out Your Gun With Genuine Scorpion Evo Parts

These are more than just spare parts! With our range of Scorpion Evo parts, you can improve and upgrade your weapon to give yourself a tactical edge on the battlefield.

Whether you’re looking to fix your weapon after sustaining significant damage, or you just want to replace old, worn parts to keep your gun firing like new, we’ve got you covered. Our selection can help keep your gun working to help you power through your next skirmish.

Scorpion Evo Parts for Improving Aim & Accuracy

Improve your Evo’s aim and accuracy with the upgrade parts in our selection and gain a real advantage over your opponents. Our ASG Scorpion Evo 407mm barrel is ideal to replace or upgrade the inner tight bore barrel on your Scorpion Evo. At 6.03mm by 407mm, this barrel helps keep your gun firing straight and accurately. This is an original accessory that can restore your damaged gun to its former glory.

The external parts of your gun do more than just make you look cool. The ASG CZ Scorpion Evo Rear Stock Part is essential for keeping your gun secure during high-intensity moments.

This rear stock part is perfect to keep your gun secure during firing. With the mechanism included for easy mounting, it’s simple to swap out the old and bring in the new!

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As with all airsoft guns, some parts are easier than others to replace on the Scorpion Evo. Accessories and additional parts added to the rail are easy to swap out, as are the gearbox and machine screws. More internal parts can be a little bit more difficult, though.

A Scorpion Evo magazine holds around 375 BB rounds. This means you don’t have to reload too regularly. At least one magazine is an original accessory supplied when you purchase your gun, but you can always buy more to make reloading easier and faster.

When shooting the Scorpion Evo from your shoulder, shots can range up to 250m. This is ideal for Recon missions and shooting ranges. If you’re shooting from your hand with an alternative set-up, you can expect shots of around 50m, perfect for CQC.