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Radio Pouches

Having a radio on hand during your airsoft game is a great way to help you stay in contact with your team and stay ahead tactically – but you need a reliable way to carry it with you. We’ve got a fantastic selection of radio pouches you can store your comms device in during your battle! Shop from our top airsoft brands like Emerson Gear and Kombat UK below.

Showing all 5 results

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Molle-Compatible Radio Pouches for Airsoft

Communication is key in any team game, and having a radio on hand will make it much easier to scheme and plan with your comrades. But when you’re not using your comms device, or you need your hands free, you’ll want somewhere to store it away – that’s where our radio pouches come in!

We stock a great range of tactical radio pouches to hold and protect your radio during combat situations. Made from durable materials such as Cordura, these pouches are built to withstand the rigours of airsoft and other tactical activities. They’re compatible with your MOLLE system, ensuring a secure fit. 

Whether you’re waiting for instructions or leading the charge, we’re here to help you keep your radio safe!

The Best Radio Pouches from Emerson Gear, Kombat UK, & More

You’ll find a variety of sizes and styles to fit different radio models from a number of our best airsoft brands, including Emerson Gear, Tasmanian Tiger, and Kombat UK.

One of our team’s favourite radio pouches from Tasmanian Tiger is the Radio Pouch 2 MKII. It’s made using tough TPU and 700D Cordura, providing a secure home for your device. The pouch even features a secret weapon – there’s a bottom flap that gives you easy access to your radio’s battery compartment so you can make seamless battery changes in the middle of combat. You’ll never have to be cut off from your team again!

The Emerson Gear PRC 148/152 Radio Pouch is our top choice from Emerson for housing a PRC 148 or 152 radio. This pouch is made from ballistic nylon to withstand even the roughest terrain and toughest games. It also has a flip-down design with a clear keypad window, giving you easy access to your radio.

For smaller radios like Baofeng’s and Motorola’s, the Kombat UK Molle Radio Pouch is a great option. It’s made from durable Cordura and mounts to your plate carrier, belt rig, or chest rig system using rear MOLLE straps on the back.

Shop our range of MOLLE radio pouches today to complete your tactical kit.


Our radio pouches are made with durable materials like Cordura, TPU, and ballistic nylon, engineered to withstand the demands of airsoft and tactical pursuits. With exceptional durability, these pouches can handle intense field operations, ensuring reliable performance.

Yes, our pouches are available in a variety of sizes to fit different radio models, like the PRC 148 and 152 models, Baofeng’s, and Motorola’s. You can find exact radio compatibility on our individual product pages, or get in touch, and we can recommend the best radio pouch for your comms device.

To mount radio pouches to your standard MOLLE, use the straps on the pouch and loop through the MOLLE attachments on your vest, securing them in place. Some of the radio pouches in our range also have a classic hook and loop system for attachment if it suits your gear better.

Yes, you can use the radio pouches in our range for paintball as well as airsoft. Make sure you choose a pouch that’s compatible with your gear and the communication device you have.