Get your WE pistol back up and running with Socom Tactical’s range of WE spare parts. We have a huge selection of spares, repairs and upgrades so that you can focus on what matters – getting your WE pistol back in action! Read More

Airsoft WE Spare Parts

There’s nothing worse than a faulty pistol when you need it the most. Here at Socom, we have everything you need to get your WE airsoft pistol up to scratch and in working order, ready for your next airsoft match.

We have an extensive range of airsoft pistol spare parts for a ton of WE models, like the tactical WE 1911 and the snappy WE Galaxy series. Whatever model you have – we’ve got the spares and repairs you need.

From small pistol parts like trigger pins and recoil springs to replacement parts like triggers and hop-up rubbers, we’ve got it all.

You can also use our WE spare parts to add upgrades and customise your pistol to suit your own shooting style, giving you a truly personalised and unique gun.

Not sure why your airsoft WE pistol isn’t working or what pistol parts you need to replace? Feel free to get in touch with our team of airsoft experts! We can advise you on the sort of airsoft pistol parts that could solve your problem and get you back in the game in no time.

Shop now and make sure you’re always ready with our wide selection of WE spare parts!


GBB stands for ‘gas blowback’, which is the type of airsoft pistol that runs off compressed gas and is operated by a blowback mechanism. A blowback mechanism works by pushing air and gas through a piston to power each shot.

Our airsoft experts are happy to help you figure out which WE spare parts you need for your pistol. Just reach out to us with the problem you’re having and we can advise you on the right parts to solve it!

WE-Tech is one of the best airsoft brands in the business. Their gas blowback weapons are some of the best and most affordable on the market, giving you reliability and accuracy every time you fire. Check out our wide range of WE weapons and parts.

At Socom, we only stock the best and most reliable airsoft pistol brands. We know that reliability is key when it comes to airsoft – your pistol needs to work every time for you to get the most out of your game. Take a look at our range of reliable airsoft pistols from leading brands.