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Tactical 20mm rail mounts and extensions

Oper8 Tactical produce some of the best and most useful 20mm rail mounts on the market. They offer several different types of red dot sight and scope risers to help you aim better if your aiming is slightly impaired when using a full face mask, 45 degree angled rail mounts if you need to canter your back up iron sights, red dot sight or tactical torch and they also manufacture several low profile, RIS mounted, sling adapters for standard or QD sling systems.

If you're looking for a Keymod rail or MLOK rail then look no further. Oper8 offer several sizes of rail segments ranging from 3 slot to 15 slot and in black or tan alike. They fit pretty much any brand you can think of and at half the price of most other brands.

External Airsoft gun parts

There are many external parts that Oper8 Tactical produce which range from their gun stocks to their various barrel extensions. They produce some of the best models of stocks on the market including the MOE type, MFT type and the Viper MOD types, just to name a few.

Their range of barrel extensions cater for both CW & CCW threads with various lengths from 1" to 7". Do you have a ailencer, but it's the wrong thread? Not a problem! Oper8 Tactical manufacturer thread adapters for 14mm CW to CCW and vice versa, as well as 16mm to 14mm CCW for the ASG MK23 pistol & KWA Kriss Vector, various sniper rifle thread adapters for the VSR10, VSR10 GSPEC, L96, AW338 and more.

Tactical field gear and face protection

Oper8 started with the manufacture of something we all need for airsoft...face protection. They have expanded their range of airsoft face protection and offer probably the most popular style of lower face mask on the market for airsoft, the slimline mesh mask. These are available in the standard twin strap variant or the helmet mounted variant, as well as a slightly larger version incorporating mesh ear protection (from BBs not sound) and a 'small' version which is designed for younger airsoft players or those which smaller heads. Each mask is available in the Oper8 four core colours; Black, Green, Tan & Multi environment camouflage (MEC).

They also offer tactical fast helmets, helmet covers and helmet padding for airsoft use. They offer a variety of colours including Typhon, Atacs, Nomad, Highlander, Mandrake, Grey, plus the four core colours mentioned previously. The helmet covers all come in these colours also, meaning you can mix & match plain colours with camo patterns.

Batteries and charging accessories

Probably the most popular line of products to come from Oper8 Tactical is their extensive line of airsoft batteries and various battery adapters. They produce three different types of airsoft battery:

For more information on what batteries are best for you, take a look at our blog: WHAT AIRSOFT BATTERY SHOULD I USE?

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