Essential Airsoft Kit Checklist: Get Started Fast!

Essential Airsoft Kit

Choosing the right tactical gear can be a tricky process for a beginner. What airsoft kit do you need? And where can you find it? Our airsoft experts have compiled a list of anything and everything you need to get started.

It’s no secret that airsoft is a gear-heavy sport. There’s a lot of equipment and supplies you need before you even step foot on the battlefield. 

Of course, there’s the obvious airsoft gun and ammunition, but there’s much more than that, and it’s really essential that you have the right gear so you can play safely and effectively.

Our airsoft experts at Socom have put together their top 10 essential bits of airsoft kit we’d recommend buying as a beginner so you don’t just look the part, but you play it as well.

Essential Airsoft Kit Checklist
Essential Airsoft Kit Checklist: Get Started Fast!

#1 Top-Quality Airsoft Guns

The first thing up on our airsoft kit checklist is getting your airsoft gun picked out and purchased. This is the absolute most important piece of gear you’ll need and should be one of your most significant investments – the better the quality of the gun, the more reliable and better at performing it will be.

But it’s not as plain sailing as just pointing to a gun you like the look of. 

There are a lot of different models and types of airsoft guns, so you’ll need to do a little bit of research into what they are and what they do differently.

Different Types of Airsoft Guns

Long gun assault rifles, such as the Valken ASL TRG M4 AEG, are ideal for hunting and precise shooting. Long rifles can be equipped with additional sight for even better long-range shooting. 

Airsoft pistols are an essential secondary weapon and can be used in a variety of situations, especially up close. You can draw them out quickly when you’re in tight spots, giving you an advantage over your opponents should you be ambushed.  

The Evolution E017 Warrior GBB Pistol features a metal slide and polymer frame, perfectly mirroring the real version.

Airsoft shotguns are a little more tricky to use if you’re a complete beginner, but they can be incredibly devastating when used properly. Shotguns are great for room clearing or taking out multiple enemies in a single shot – if you know how to use one well. 

The Cyma’s CM363 is the perfect example of a high-velocity shotgun, with cartridges that hold 30 rounds. This airsoft gun is ideal for those looking for unrestricted, high-impact performance.

Submachine guns are a favourite amongst most airsoft players thanks to their incredible fire rate and accuracy. While they are slightly less powerful than your average assault rifle, the sheer number of rounds you can send downrange in a short time makes up for it. 

We stock airsoft submachine guns using AEG gas or CO2 power sources, giving you a great range of weapons to choose from. 

#2 Protective Airsoft Gear

Gloves are a must-have for an airsoft player – not just beginners. They protect your hands from the sting of BBs and are great for when you’re playing in the cold weather.

Knee and elbow pads will cover your most vulnerable joints when you’re jumping, crawling or climbing – all of which you’ll be doing an awful lot of. The last thing you want is to get a nasty knee or elbow scrape from playing airsoft, so for your own safety we would highly recommend grabbing yourself some.

Goggles and headgear are a must for protection. A good helmet will protect your head from the strongest of BB impacts, and act as a barrier for your head if you take a fall. Some headgear even has a built-in comms system, allowing you to talk with other players, which is great for team-based games.

#3 Comfy Airsoft Clothing

It’s important that you don’t just wear your typical everyday clothing while playing airsoft. You’ll need an airsoft kit that will protect you from the outdoors and from BB pellets, so your average jeans and t-shirt isn’t going to cut it.

Tops and trousers with camouflage colours are ideal for blending in with your surroundings, which you’ll need for tactical advantage, as well as providing the necessary protection from BBs. Kombat UK‘s range of assault shirts are great for keeping you concealed while providing essential comfort you need when sprinting about.

#4 Sturdy Airsoft Boots

What you wear on your feet is probably the most important part of your clothing. You’ll be running, jumping and crawling over all sorts of terrain, so you need footwear that isn’t going to give you blisters or trip you up. 

Look for boots with good ankle support and grip soles to keep your feet firmly planted on the ground, like Kombat UK Tactical and Patrol Boots. They’re lightweight, comfortable and durable enough to last through any battle.

#5 Tactical Vest

Airsoft vests play a vital role in protecting your body from the blow of BBs. Without one, you’ll suffer hard knocks and bruises. 

But not only will it serve as additional protection, but a vest is also the best way to carry all your essential equipment in the extra pockets and pouches. 

Rigs and webbing are also great alternatives to vests, but they don’t offer the same level of protection from incoming BBs. Some players combine both pieces of kit to provide extra protection and storage. 

Extra tactical pouches can be added to your vest or webbing so you can carry extra magazines, tools and medical supplies, so we’d definitely recommend investing in at least one good pouch to carry your essential items.

#6 Spare Airsoft Gun Magazines

You never want to be caught short when you’re on to a winning streak! Having spare magazines on hand will ensure you never run out, and you can easily switch them out when needed. 

Stay stocked up, don’t hesitate and never miss a shot with our spare magazines. We have a ton of airsoft gun magazines for a range of top airsoft brands, so don’t forget to grab a few when you’re shopping for your gun. 

#7 Airsoft Gun Battery Chargers

Keep your electric airsoft gun charged up with all the power you need before a game by getting yourself a battery charger.

You can put your gun’s battery on charge the night before so you’re ready to go, and charge up a couple of spares to take with you in case you run into trouble. Just make sure your charger is compatible with your airsoft gun.

#8 Airsoft Pyrotechnics

Pyrotechnics – or pyros – are devices that create a loud noise or smoke, which can be beneficial in a number of scenarios. There are multiple types of pyros that mimic the sound and effects of real-world military hardware, adding a feeling of realism to the game.

Smoke grenades can be used for providing a smoke screen for cover or to signal to players in your team, and reusable blank firing grenades (or BFGs as they’re commonly referred to in the airsoft community) create a loud noise and flash, helping to disorientate the opposition. 

The Dynatex 6209 is a prime example of a reusable BFG and is a great choice if you’re looking for something loud and attention-grabbing. 

#9 Tactical Rucksack for Extra Storage

On top of your tactical vest and pouches, we always think it’s a good idea to have a rucksack to store your extra gear and supplies. Throw in your spare batteries, extra BBs, goggles and any other bits you might need (food and water if you’re at a big game!), and you’ll be prepared for any situation. 

At Socom Tactical, we supply a superb range of airsoft rucksacks for carrying your extra gear into battle.

The Emerson Gear Modular Assault Pack is ideal for transporting and organising your kit essentials for easier play, aiding smooth magazine changes and fast kit retrieval for retreat and recovery.

#10 Airsoft Gun Belt or Sling

An airsoft belt or sling can be a great way to keep your gun secure and close to you at all times. Whether it’s to hold spare ammunition or just keep your hands free, having a belt or sling is a vital piece of kit to have.

Even if you haven’t got a hold of your gun, keeping it within easy and quick reach can be a lifesaver in the heat of battle.

We recommend The Tasmanian Tiger Single Point Sling for the perfect rifle sling design. With quick-release buckles, you can retrieve your rifle in a split second for a fast and effective attack

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