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WBD makes protective airsoft helmets, tactical gear, and spare parts for airsoft weapons and skirmishes. They’re known for their durable and high-quality products that provide both safety and functionality on the field.

Our selection of WBD Airsoft products includes high-quality accessories to help you stay on top of your game in all your skirmishes and battles. Shop our full range today!

Showing 1–21 of 71 results


Airsoft Helmets & Headwear

WBD Tactical Hood (Various Colours)


Airsoft Miscellaneous Items & Accessories

WBD FAST Helmet Shape Bottle Opener Keychain


Gun Torches and Illumination

WBD M600C Light Tactical Scout Flashlight


Gun Torches and Illumination

WBD M300A Mini Tactical Scout Flashlight


Airsoft Tactical Rigs & Webbing

WBD MK4 Tactical Chest Rig (Various Colours)


Airsoft Ghillie Suits

WBD Ghillie Suit with 3D Leaves


Airsoft Helmets & Headwear

WBD FAST Bump helmet (Various Colours)


Airsoft Gun Parts from WBD

We stock an excellent range of WBD Airsoft parts that you can use to repair or upgrade your airsoft gun to make sure it’s performing at its best.

Here, you’ll find everything from airsoft speedloaders, speedloader adapters, chronographs, scopes, mounts and more. These parts are compatible with many airsoft gun models and specs – just make sure to check the description of each product before you buy.

WBD Airsoft Speedloaders

A speedloader will help you reload your airsoft gun quickly and with ease during a game, and WBD has some of the best ones out there.

We have speedloaders for AK series, G36 models, M4s and many more, so you can find exactly what you need for your gun.

Grab yourself a WBD speedloader adapter, too – this helps you load the magazine faster and more efficiently.

WBD Airsoft Gun Parts

In this selection, you’ll also find a variety of gun sights and scopes for honing in on targets, chronographs for measuring the velocity of your BB’s, rails, and other airsoft gun accessories.

Browse our selection of WBD airsoft gun parts today to upgrade your airsoft gun and make sure it’s action-ready. Shop now!


What is a Speedloader?

A speedloader is designed to help you reload your airsoft gun quickly and with ease. It allows you to load magazines faster than manually doing it.

How Many BBs Does a Speedloader Hold?

It’ll depend on the speedloader you have. For example, our WBD Winding Speedloader M4 High Cap Transfer Adapter holds 1000 rounds, whereas a ZCI 155 Round BB Speedloader has a 115-round capacity.

Can You Help Me Figure Out What Parts I Need to Repair My Airsoft Gun?

You’re welcome to bring your faulty gun into our airsoft shop in Fleet, and we can take a look at the weapon for you and recommend the external or internal parts you need to repair it.