6 Best Airsoft Assault Vests For Optimal Protection

airsoft assault vest

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Looking to up your airsoft game? Check out our list of the best airsoft assault vests with reviews, specs and tips to make the right choice. Shop now to find the perfect vest for your needs!

Whether playing for fun or competing in airsoft tournaments, you need to have the right protective gear. Assault vests are an important piece of equipment to protect yourself from enemy fire.

Airsoft is an incredibly active and fast-paced game, so you need to be geared up with tactical clothing that is protective and comfortable to handle the intensity of the action.

Whether you’re looking for an airsoft vest, tactical vests, the best airsoft plate carrier or military-style MTP webbing, we’ve rounded up six of the best assault vests available here at Socom Tactical.

We stock a huge range of top-quality brands with heavy-duty construction and unique features to provide airsoft players with the most effective defence against enemy fire.

Read on to discover the ideal assault vest for your airsoft needs.

Kombat UK Viking Plate Carrier

The Kombat UK Viking Plate Carrier is a great piece of equipment that offers plenty of storage space for your grenades and extra tactical equipment! Plus, the adjustable straps mean you can customise the fit.

It’s made from durable 600D Tac-Poly fabric, with padded Airtex panels for comfort and breathability, which is essential when you’re running around the airsoft field.

The molle webbing on the front, back, and sides can be used to attach tactical pouches and other items you need to access quickly, like spare mags and radios.

And the two internal compartments are ideal for slotting in armour plates for added protection.

The cummerbund features a quick-release buckle system for improved security, and on the rear, there is a drag handle for emergency rescue situations when your team needs to get you out of a sticky situation.

This airsoft plate carrier is available in 5 different colours, so you can choose whichever helps you blend into your surroundings on the field best.

In all, this is a fantastic assault vest that is ideal for airsoft players looking for extra protection and storage space.

Emerson Gear MK3 Micro Fight Chest Rig

The MK3 Micro Fight Chest Rig by Emerson Gear is a fully adjustable and modular design with plenty of customisation options.

It features 6x 5.56 AR magazine slots for storing your spare magazines, along with front velcro panels with two cover panels and elastic straps for your shotgun cartridges, glow sticks, and MK5s.

The rig also includes radio pouches on either side, which is handy for keeping your communication devices within easy reach.

The adjustable shoulder straps and waist belt mean you can customise the fit for optimal comfort.

These tactical vests are available in two camo shades and a variety of three classic colours to suit your style.

Overall, this is a great lightweight solution for airsoft players looking for an effective way to carry their magazines and other tactical gear.

Emerson Gear FS Style Strandhogg Plate Carrier

The Strandhogg Plate Carrier by Emerson Gear is another great airsoft vest.

It features a front and back large panel system made with laser-cut molle to maximise the space and allow for versatile customisation options.

The nifty quick-release buckles and adjustable shoulder straps allow you to quickly get in and out of the vest and fit the airsoft vest snugly to your body.

Dummy foam plates are included for comfort, plus mesh fabric inside to reduce sweat, which we all know is essential!

The shadow black camo design looks pretty cool, too and makes it ideal for airsoft players who want to stay stealthy in the field.

Kombat UK Spartan Plate Carrier

The Kombat UK Spartan Plate Carrier is lightweight with adjustable straps and buckles to ensure a comfortable fit lasting throughout your game.

It has molle loops on the front and back panels for plenty of customisation, with two rows at the top featuring a loop panel for ID or morale patches.

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There are also hook and loop guides for hydration tubes for long games or summer matches!

This is ideal for airsoft players who are just starting out or for players looking for a low-profile loadout to stay concealed.

Kombat UK Buckle-Tek Jump Plate Carrier

The Kombat UK Buckle-Tek Jump Plate Carrier is a great choice for amateur airsofters because it gives you the ability to run multiple loadouts on one plate carrier.

For beginner airsoft players, the ability to run multiple loadouts on one plate carrier means they can easily and quickly switch up their gear based on the scenario or mission – allowing for greater variety and tactical flexibility.

There are also adjustable side and shoulder straps, allowing you to accommodate different heights and sizes.

Plus, there are velcro loops on the shoulder straps for radio wires or water bladder tubes and elastic straps in magazine pouches to keep your mags secure.

This airsoft vest is a fantastic choice for those wanting to stay flexible and agile on the field.

Emerson Gear FCS Style Vest W/MK Chest Rig

The Emerson Gear FCS style vest is an incredibly versatile piece of kit that lets you personalise your loadout!

It has a quick detach section on the front panel with plenty of storage space, allowing for 6x 5.56mm and 2x 7.62mm magazines, allowing you to load up and get in the game quickly.

This backpack comes with a removable flap and a full panel of velcro – perfect for adding extra tactical pouches or morale patches.

The interior includes breathable mesh and preinstalled dummy foam plates, adding even more protection.

Available in three camo colours and a coyote brown, this airsoft vest is ideal for airsofters looking to stay comfortable and mobile on the field.

What Other Protective Gear Do You Need for Airsoft?

Airsoft assault vests really are a crucial part of any airsoft loadout, and it’s clear they provide a range of benefits other than protection from BB shots – like giving us extra space to store spare mags and other tactical gear.

But to be fully prepared for an airsoft mission, you’ll need to invest in some other protective gear as well.

Airsoft Helmets

Helmets are one of the most important protective pieces of equipment in airsoft. They protect your head and face from incoming BB shots while also providing a base for communication devices and extra camo.

Airsoft Gloves

Gloves are essential in airsoft and offer more than just protection – they also help you take a grip on your gun, maintain weapon control when reloading, and keep your hands warm in cold weather games.

Airsoft Goggles or Face Mask

Your face is vulnerable and requires extra protection. Airsoft glasses or goggles are essential, but if you want full coverage, then you should consider a full face mask.

Airsoft Tactical Assault Vests
6 Best Airsoft Assault Vests For Optimal Protection

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