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Browse through various airsoft gases from Abbey Supply and Guarder to find the best performing airsoft gas for your airsoft pistol or gas blowback rifle from standard 144a green gas to power up black gas.

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Airsoft Green Gas for maintenance and performance

Dubbed as ‘Green Gas’ the mixture which creates 144a gas is used primarily as a source of power for gas powered airsoft pistols, gas rifles and gas sniper rifles that fire 6mm airsoft BBsAirsoft guns also need gas for maintenance.

All new guns spend time in shipping and storage. This can lead to seals drying out and not giving a satisfactory gas-tight seal. This causes reduced performance and in extreme cases, the gun will not cycle at all. Maintenance gas lubricates your parts and keeps your seals in good order as well as maintaining your gun with airsoft maintenence products

CO2 bulbs are another source of power that is becoming more and more popular with manufacturers as an easy aftermarket option with airsoft pistols and rifles. Primarily used in airsoft revolvers, CO2 bulbs can withstand colder weather conditions and perform more reliably than gas in certain cases, but when the temperature warms up, the power drastically increases making it too hot most of the time. CO2 chargers are used to convert CO2 bulbs and allow them to be filled into gas magazines as normal, we only recommend this for non-blowback pistols (like the MK23 pistol or Ruger MK1 pistol) and moscarts

Check out our range of airsoft gas. Including Green Gas Red gas and high power gas. Please make sure you use the correct airsoft gas for your Airsoft pistol Plastic slides like on Tokyo Marui should not be used with higher-powered gas. Metal slide Airsoft weapons are more likely to require a higher powered gas