What Airsoft Accessories Do You Actually Need? 12 Essential Items

best airsoft accessories

Want to know how to become a great airsoft player? Start with the essentials! Airsoft accessories are an important part of anyone’s game, allowing a player to customise their playing experience and get the edge over opponents.

And some of these can be game-changing. Truly!

The right tactical gear and accessories could be the difference between victory and defeat. But what do you actually need? What’s going to make an impact?

We’ve put together a checklist of twelve essential airsoft accessories you need to make the perfect kit. 

From gun attachments and tactical gear to camouflage clothing and headwear, here’s your ultimate guide:

1) Airsoft Gun Sling

Airsoft slings make it easy and comfortable to carry your airsoft weapon.

They distribute the weight, keep the gun close to your body, and come in many forms to accommodate any airsoft weapon.

An airsoft gun sling is an important piece of kit, particularly for airsoft beginners, as it can help improve accuracy and stability.

2) Airsoft Goggles

Eye protection is crucial to shield your eyes from flying BBs. Without proper protection, you’re putting yourself at serious risk of injury.

Airsoft goggles are designed to protect your eyes while still being able to see clearly and accurately – and there are some pretty cool-looking ones too!

You can choose from plastic or mesh masks, wrap-around goggles or full-face masks.

Top tip: if your goggles steam up during play, get yourself some anti-fog spray!

3) Tactical Pouches

If you need so many airsoft accessories, where are you supposed to keep everything?

Tactical pouches provide a secure and accessible way to store your essential items. You can clip them onto your tactical vest or belt, making them easy to reach when you need them in a high-stake situation.

There are tactical pouches for just about everything – radio, magazines, hydration and more.

4) Airsoft Assault Vests

So, you’ve got your tactical pouch, but how are you going to carry it?

An airsoft assault vest is a great way to carry all your gear. Lightweight and comfortable, it gives you the freedom to move as well as provides easy access to all your items.

There are a whole array of airsoft vests and plate carriers available, with tons of extra attachments like Molle and webbing.

5) A Torch

If you’re playing in typical CQB environments (close-quarter battle), you’re going to need a torch.

Not only will this help you navigate around the arena and spot opponents, but it can also be used to blind them and gain an advantage in a fight.

A handheld torch might prove a bit tricky to manage while still holding your airsoft gun, so a head-mounted one is a great option. Or, a torch that attaches to the rail of your gun – for example, an airsoft pistol torch – is even better, allowing you to keep both hands on your gun at all times so you’re always prepared.

6) Spare Airsoft Gun Magazines

Famous last words: “I’m out of ammo!”

Airsoft gun magazines have a limited capacity and can run out quickly, so it’s essential to bring spares.

You can keep them stored in your assault vest or tactical pouch so that they’re within easy reach when you need to change your magazine in the heat of battle.

7) Airsoft Rucksack or Backpack

A small tactical pouch is great for carrying all your airsoft accessories, but what if you need to bring bigger items?

A rucksack is a great way to carry all your airsoft gear, including extra airsoft clothing, water bottles, and snacks.

Some airsoft backpacks can even zip onto the back of your assault vest, making it even more convenient to carry and access your items.

8) Airsoft Helmet

Head protection is essential when playing airsoft, and the right airsoft helmet can save your life.

Airsoft guns fire BBs at an incredibly fast rate, and they can prove a hazard when you’re not taking full measures to protect yourself. A helmet is the ultimate form of protection.

Plus, they really make you look the part!

9) Radio or Comms System

Not everyone plays team airsoft, but if you do, then it’s essential to stay in communication with your teammates.

Having a radio or communication system is the best way to stay in touch with your team and coordinate tactical manoeuvres. If you’re a serious player who takes part in large-scale events, then you should definitely invest in a decent comms system.

A radio headset is the most effective form of communication, allowing you to keep your hands free while still hearing instructions and team conversations.

10) Spare Airsoft Gun Batteries

No player wants to run out of juice mid-game. Having a few spare airsoft batteries on hand is the safest way to ensure you stay in the game.

Make sure to keep your batteries charged and stored in a safe place, preferably out of direct sunlight. This will help prolong their life and performance.

11) Magazine Speedloader

If you’re finding that your reload time is slowing you down, a magazine speedloader is an easy way to help.

These are small devices that allow you to quickly and easily reload your airsoft gun magazines, drastically reducing the time it takes to reload.

12) Gun Optics and Sights

A gun sight or optics system is a great way to improve your accuracy and increase the range of your airsoft gun.

Gun sights are available in a range of different shapes and sizes, from red dot sights to magnified scopes.

Some players find they perform better with the help of an optics system, so it’s definitely worth considering investing in one.

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