Our Li-Po batteries are built to provide superior power and performance so you can stay in the game for longer. Shop Socom’s Lithium Polymer batteries to enhance your ROF and trigger response! Read More

Airsoft Li-Po Batteries

Stay in the game for longer with Socom Tactical’s Li-Po batteries! Our batteries give you an edge with an increased ROF and trigger response – exactly what you need to give your airsoft gun the power it demands!

With leading brands like Oper8 and Vapex, you can depend on our Li-Po batteries to power your airsoft gun or scope. The sleek design of Li-Pos means they’re small and compact, fitting perfectly in your kit bag or utility pouch for when you need a backup on the field.

Socom stock 11.1V and 7.4V Li-Po batteries, so you can choose your ideal output for longer game time, allowing you to dominate the field.

Please note: Your Li-Po battery should never fully discharge. If you notice your fire rate decreasing, this is a good indicator that you should stop using your battery in case of damage.

Shop Socom’s range of Li-Po batteries for the latest technology. Experience more power for longer.

Pair your battery with a Vapex charger, and be prepared for all your airsoft battles.


Li-Po batteries are lighter and offer more power than Li-on batteries. They are commonly used in high-performance airsoft guns, as they provide high power without losing their charging capacity.

Li-Po batteries are designed to last up to several years, depending on use and maintenance. To ensure optimal performance and life span, it is essential to charge your battery correctly and ensure the correct storage procedure.

Yes, your Li-Po battery should only be charged using a special Li-Po charger. Charging your battery properly will ensure you stay safe whilst prolonging your battery’s life. Shop a Li-Po charger with Socom here.

Charing Li-Po batteries with the correct charger is a must. As a rule, do not charge above 4.2V per cell. You should also make sure to charge your battery on a non-flammable surface and keep an eye to ensure the battery is safe.