Jefftron Leviathan vs Gate Titan

Jefftron Leviathan vs Gate Titan

Jefftron Leviathan vs Gate Titan
Jefftron Leviathan vs Gate Titan

Leviathan vs Gate Titan – It sounds like an epic combat of god-like monsters in some mythical fairy tail – In a way that is true with these two Airsoft Mosfets! Airsoft Tech and users have been at war over what is best since both of these units were released. Here we take a look at both the Jefftron Leviathan and the GATE Titan mosfet and compare them feature for feature.

What is similar between the two units?

  • 16AWG wiring
  • Low Battery Protection
  • Precocking
  • Compatible with Dual Sector Gears
  • Active Break
  • Rated for up to 14.4v batteries
  • Fitted with T Deans connector as standard
  • Rate of Fire Control
  • Sniper delay – Adjustable delay between trigger pulls
  • Selector Configuration
  • Adjustable Burst Control (typically between 2 and 15 rounds)

The Gate Titan

The Gate Titan – Manufactured in poland and sold all over the world this unit has been around for years and it’s very common to hear “its got a titan in it” when in the safe zone or in the field. So what makes them so good? Let’s take a look at the notable features of the unit.

Notable Features:

  • Utilises optical sensors – this can be considered by some people as a pro and some ppl as a con. We have all heard of people’s RIFs shooting off at random when they are strobed by a bright torch or even the flash from a pyro. It’s even mentioned in the insulation guy about the titan if you are using very bright work lights.
  • PC compatibility – Again this can be seen from both sides. It is nice to be able to plug into a PC and look at diagnostics and shot info, However it is a pain and not many ppl carry PC’s with them onsite or in the field.
  • Rate of fire stabilisation
  • Aug Mode – This gives you the ability to have a short trigger pull as single shot and then a longer trigger pull as full auto
  • EQ function
  • Lots of options to customise the programming (on the advanced model – very limited on the basic model)
  • Adjustable trigger sensitivity – This is also listed as an adjustable trigger, however a lot of people report that the trigger feels odd as you don’t actually adjust the trigger mechanically. This means you end up with a more spongy trigger feel with no definity start or stop.
  • Smart fuse built into the unit – this will protect the unit from voltage spikes, however will not protect a short from a damaged wire for example.
  • No bluetooth support – this is something that GATE has now released, however this is an additional unit and would need to be purchased separately. 
Jefftron Leviathan vs Gate Titan
Jefftron Leviathan vs Gate Titan

The Jefftron Leviathan

The Jefftron Leviathan – This unit has been on the market for some time and has been tried and tested by a number of top gun techs. These units are manufactured in the Czech Republic and are very popular there – with almost every play using them. So how do they compare? Are they better than a titan? Let’s take a look at the notable features of the unit.

Notable Features:

  • Utilises micro switches – a few years back this would have been a problem, however the build quality of the micro switch has come a long way. If the unit is fitted correctly these switches can last for 2 to 3 years and even if one is damaged they are very cheap and easy to replace (as low as 10p / switch).
  • Smart fuse built into the unit as well as 30A external fuse – this will protect the unit from voltage spikes and the external fuse will protect a short from a damaged wire for example.
  • Built in Bluetooth connectivity – You can connect straight to your RIF from your smartphone. This means that you don’t need to to carry your laptop around with you (like you would need to if you wanted to make changes to your GATE).
  • Mechanically Adjustable trigger (supplied with the unit) – Included with the Leviathan you get a choice of three coloured triggers. These feature an adjustable grub screw that brings the trigger closer to the micro switch giving you a shorter trigger pull.
  • Rate of Fire stabilization
  • Preset profiles – This means that you can have a set profile for CQB, DMR or Woodland skirmish and can switch back between them via the bluetooth link. This means you could have the RIF locked to semi only for CQB and then have single and burst for woodland – very cool!

So what one is right for you? This all comes down to personal preference. You need to get some hands on with the units and see what one you like. The GATE may have been out on the market for long and may feature optical sensors, however, its trigger pull is very spongy and does not have a definitive start and stop point. 

Although Jefftron are the new kids on the block (compared to the GATE) there are a huge number of benefits – Don’t let the old wives tales of micro switches being damaged just by breathing on them. The switch tech has come a long way and will correct fitting and care will in some occasions outlast the rest of the mech box. Jefftron are also storming ahead with customer care and making sure you get more bang for your buck – software and firmware updates are completely FREE from Jefftron (Unlike if you want to upgrade from a basic to an advanced with GATE).

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